Face Lift



Botulinum toxin or botox, allows to treat wrinkles very effectively at the upper third of the face in areas such as forehead, eyebrows and “crow’s feet”. The procedure is quick and painless. The results begin to be noticed from the fourth-fifth day after the infiltration and last approximately 6 months. After this period of time, the procedure can be performed again without complications.

The hyaluronic acid allows to correct wrinkles of different part of the face thanks to its filling effect. Very effective in areas such as nasolabial folds, dark circles and “bar code” of the lips. The hyaluronic acid also allows to restore the loss of physiological volume related to the age of areas such as cheekbones, temporal fossa and lips. Quick procedure and with immediate results. The annoyance is minimal. The effect lasts approximately one year depending on each patient, and the procedure can be repeated once the reabsorption of the same hyaluronic acid has been achieved.


Among the different surgeries, Face Lift is the one that allows the most satisfactory and lasting facial rejuvenation. It allows to recover tonicity of the facial face by tensing the muscles and improving the wrinkles of the face and neck, eliminating excess skin. The scars are hidden in the crease around the ear and in the hair insertion line. Through this procedure the patient achieves a rejuvenation of the appearance of up to 10-15 years.

Surgery duration: 120-160 min

Type of anesthesia: general anesthesia

Pain level: mild-moderate

Recovery time: 14-18 days


Fat grafting is a highly demanded procedure due to its multiple benefits. Over the years we lose volume in specific areas of the face, giving a weak and aged face. The Facial Lipofilling allows to give the lost volume to the cheekbones, lips … it improves the appearance of the skin by its regenerative properties (rich in stem cells) and allows to give a more youthful appearance to your face. The fat is extracted by liposuction from the abdominal area or from the “cartridge belts”. This is purified and redistributed on the face without visible scars. Esta se purifica y se redistribuye en la cara sin cicatrices visibles. This procedure can be associated with other surgeries simultaneously.

Surgery duration: 45-60 min

Type of anesthesia: sedation or general anesthesia

Pain level: mild-moderate

Recovery time: 7-14 days

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