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Tratamientos para la cirugía ortognática en Barcelona


Facial deformities are a set of alterations of the facial bones that give a facial imbalance. Patients with large or small jaws, asymmetric or a mixture of all these alterations have difficulties to bite, and an important social stigma that hinders their day to day.

Dento-Maxillo-Facial alterations tend to occur during growth and have no improvement except through surgery. There may be alterations such as: class II, class III dento-skeletal, prognathism, retrognathia, cross bite, open bite, gingival smile or facial asymmetry.

Patients with dento-facial deformities need to be treated to restore facial harmony and the perfect balance of facial features.

Orthognathic surgery treats the bones of the face (jaw, maxilla, zygomatic or malar bones, nose, orbit and teeth) in order to place them in their proper place to improve the function and aesthetics of the patient.

That is why the treatment is carried out through a close collaboration with the orthodontist (dentist who treats the position of the teeth) with the aim to give a correct stomatognathic system.
The treatment usually requires initial orthodontics, followed by orthognathic surgery, and final refinement orthodontics.​

To obtain a perfect result, our team uses all the most innovative tools, performing 3D Planning of the jaw surgery or maxillary surgery, giving individualized treatments and studying each case thoroughly. The piezoelectric system allows to perform bone fractures cleanly and precisely, decreasing inflammation for faster recovery.

Barcelona Facial Plastics team is specialized in Orthognathic Surgery and specifically in Ortho-Facial Surgery. The Ortho-Facial Surgery goes a step further, with the objective of studying the facial features in their entirety, and thus treat the bones of the face and soft tissues. After evaluating the altered bones and the associated soft tissue defects, the bones are treated with Orthognathic surgery and the nose, cheekbones, ears, eyelids, orbits, lips and neck as necessary in the same procedure, in order to perform a global treatment of the face (bones and coverage) obtaining the best results individually.

Put your face in the best hands. Learn about Orthognathic and Ortho-Facial Surgery.

Surgery duration: 150-200 min

Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia

Pain level: mild-moderate

Recovery time: 14-20 days

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